Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Generation Stoic

Okay, I don't really actually know what they call this particular generation of whipper snappers, but I teach college--as in:

And I'm telling you they all walk around with ipods in their heads. This, of course, does not bother me a bit. I've started doing it myself. Here's the weird part: they have COMPLETELY straight faces: all of them. Not one of them is AIR BANDING. I mean--no Karaoke-light; no smidge-of-lips-saying-the-lyrics; no occasional power chord on the book bag. Nothing. Total serious faces.

Personally, I can barely keep myself together when I walk from the parking lot to my class, listening to Toto (yes, Toto). There I am in the Campus Market buying over-priced, over-cooked coffee straining like crazy to keep from busting out "99--woo-oooo" and all around me are people managing to pull that off quite nicely.

I am amazed (and a little creeped out). What will all this self-possession do to their generation? I think they're all going to grow up and have mental lapses at 60 just from the sheer pressure of all that self-control.

Maybe they're all listening to NPR. Do they not listen to Journey? Does no one know of Chaka Khan? Prince? Yes?

Tragedy. Pure generation-wide tragedy.

I think I may seriously consider re-aligning our culture's current perspective on airbanding in public. I'll get back to you on this. In the meantime, I'm feeling very thankful for my solid, 80's power-chord-loud-trap-set-with-the-occasional-sentimental-synthesizer roots.


Anonymous said...

So now I am envisioning a much more realistic Ipod commercial...with those same silhouettes calmly strolling around to a Sigur Ros soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Well being one of those young whipper snappers you teach (I believe we are called Generation Y) I can tell you that it's not easy to maintain one's composure while listening to music. It's mainly an issue of how socially acceptable it is to be dancing around to music that only you can hear, it looks weird; I'm sure you can appreciate how important looking "cool" in front of your peers is.

Here's a picture i think you'll appreciate: Air Guitars.