Sunday, October 22, 2006

Will Turned Six!

Big news over here at the BTP Records Office (and tv room): The big kid has turned six. (The crowd should cheer here.) We pulled out all the stops with a pirate-batman-scooby-doo birthday party (theme, shmeme) and had a hoot of a time. See below for the incriminating picture of sweet Pete as PIRATE PETE (sadly, he refused to read the piratey script I'd written for him. Also, he discovered, somehow, that wearing boots without socks is very pirate-like. Obviously, he's right.)

Because of said piratey appearance, please notice the super happy birthday guy look on the six year old's face:

Shopping for piratey paper plates that everyone will forget to use: $3.22
Cleaning the house instead of lying on the couch: 3 hours 22 minutes of standing up
Seeing your son have a good time at his party: priceless.

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