Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Small Rockers Rock On

According to a very reliable source, these children are, in fact, rocking out to Macaroni Boy Eats at Chez Shooby Doo. Derek and Stella and their cousins were born to rock--no, really, they were. Mom and Dad are the happy, Morro-Bay-loving owners of Central Coast Music (our favorite music store.) We like their style and know that someday they will have a band. No, really, they will have a band.

Do you have a pic of your kiddos singing along, rocking along, yelling along to Macaroni Boy? (Even a picture of them with the CD cover on their head counts as fun to look at and worthy of their ginger-blog-fame. **See below for the important distinction between "fame" and "ginger-blog-fame.")

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

very cool pic!!! after this i'm off to buy the cd, so we can listen and get our groove on and then i'll send ya a pic!!!! Love, love did I say LOVE the new site!!!!!