Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Montezuma's Diary

Uh. I feel like I should say something here about the whole "WHO'S ALLOWED TO HAVE A BLOG" life-question. Turns out, it's "ANYBODY." I find blogging a thoroughly satisfying hobby--just below thrift shopping and above leaving weird answering machine greetings on my cell phone. It's that feeling that some of us love that there's a microphone turned on somewhere that we can walk up to at any time.

I told my friend Johnna (whose name has not been changed because she's not innocent in this case) that she should have a blog. She claims not to be interesting enough. I find that untrue and still think she should have one.

My future plans for posting: "I think my cleaning lady broke up with me."; "My son named his teddy bear Thelma"; "Places I like to click when I should be balancing my check book" (oh wait--look to the right--I did that one as a sidebar! (There! Diaaaaaaagonally! . . .Very sneaky, Sis.)

And my friend Amy says I need to write more pretend interviews! This is a very good idea which I give her full credit for. She is smart and has a big fat PhD. We teach together in one of my lives here.

That's all I have today. Except, of course, for the tiny little detail that the CD got two life-changing reviews. And I spent most of the afternoon hyperventilating with joy. I told my best friend Ann that I plan to be insufferable all day. It will probably be true, too.

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on the reviews! It's great to know that your wit and wisdom (in the form of kid's music) is being appreciated nationwide! You know, I'm still serious about getting my CD jacket autographed. It's not too late is it?!? Great blog site too. I like your recommendations (book list, haiku of the day, etc.) I'll be back!