Sunday, August 05, 2007

What I've Done Instead of Writing Songs

Yeah--I know. I'm not posting this summer. See below for extended angst-ridden/child-rearing reasons why.

But here's the stuff I've been doing instead of writing songs. . .

CAMPING. We've taken two super fun trips. One to Lodgepole (in the Sequoias--gorgeous, super-big trees and lots of cheeky chipmunks):

And one to Yosemite. We headed for Bridalveil Creek campground up above the valley floor (where all the tourists are) and saw more big trees and squirrels the size of dogs (well, that was when we drove down to the valley floor) . . . We're shooting to squeeze two more camping trips into the picture before school starts up again. Good times. It will be especially fun when our new tent arrives tomorrow and we no longer have to safety-pin our tent shut.

And don't forget PRE-CAMPING (which is stuff like roaming thrift stores for plastic pancake flippers and Camp n Pack for a new axe) and POST-CAMPING (which is mostly just 45 loads of laundry).

SINGING IN A WEDDING. Man, I thought I practed a lot for shows. How about a wedding? You just don't want to be the wedding singer lady that everyone is going "Oh--wow--it's too bad they had to have a relative sing . . . " so I practiced my guts out. And it was worth it. A beautiful song and no one groaned.

SWIMMING LESSONS. Um, the boys, not me.

GENERAL SUMMERTIME HOOPLA. This category is for things like going to the library, driving to Target, swimming at the community pool, watching movies, playing video games, thrift shopping--you know . . . hoopla. The sort you drive around for. This sounds fun and sometimes looks like this:

. . . and other times looks like this:

So, while I thought I'd be writing songs, I've been doing this stuff instead. It's not what I expected, but it hasn't been half bad. I broke out the board shorts and bikini at the beginning of the summer and don't think I've really combed my hair since June.

Anyway, I hope your summer is bringing you the unexpected too. And if you want to sing, come and sing with us at our next two shows:

Thursday, August 23rd at the Cayucos Library (11 am) and Saturday, September 8th (2 pm) at the Mission Plaza in SLO-click here for the deets.


Puttermeister said...

Wow--squeaky wheel does get the grease. Thanks for posting, especially the gig dates.

Nice photos, too. They give your descriptions a certain, er, immediacy. Makes me feel like I was there.

AND (last one) CONGRATS on a successful wedding gig! Talk about a pressure situation: you rule.

Anonymous said...

Yadda yadda yadda, good productive summer, blah blah blah, kids happy. Your fans demand new music, family happiness be darned! (It is kids' music, hence "darned.")

Okay, seriously, that sounds like a perfect summer. A lot like ours, though you have more camping trips (by one) and fewer trips-to-see-family-members-snarl-at-each-other (also by one).

But maybe one new song...?

Puttermeister said...

Or, you know, a new post? Different pictures of the kids maybe? Or just a blurb about what's on your mind (other than being pissed at me because I'm nagging you about not blogging. That doesn't count.).