Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thank the Good Lord We Have a Roadie

Okay, we don't really pay her or anything, but she's really terrific and does stuff like takes pictures of us. Thought I'd put these photos up so you could all see me in action with Daddy Pete and the Big Bass Bandalone.

(At this gig, we were introduced as "Please welcome THE HENDRIXES: GINGER AND DADDY" I don't know . . . somehow it didn't quite translate . . .)

Anyway, here's proof that we do this together and have a good time:

Thanks, Sunshine--you're the very best Band Photographer and Coke-Getter and General Cheerleader ever! She even supplied these two kids to lead the songs . . .

Happy singing, everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger,

I saw you at Boo Boo Records once when Heidi brought you in. I'm a SLO mom fan and we play Macaroni all the time. Love this zany website too. I'm on the board for the SLO children's museum and wondered if you'd come do a release party for your new album at the Museum (post holidays). You could sell your new albums and perhaps we can then carry some in our giftshop for you too. Contact me at